How much can 1, 1.5, 2.5, 4, 6 square wires load kW?

Dec 19,2017
How much can 1, 1.5, 2.5, 4, 6 square wires load kW?

When buying electric wires, Many people will ask about a load of wires with the different cross-sectional area. There are 1 square wires, 1.5 square wires, 2.5 square wires, 4 square wires, 6 square wires and so on. The following is to give you a brief introduction of how many watts can be loaded by these wires.

1 square line: the cross-section is 1 square millimeter wire

If we are based on the formula: the area = 2 * 3.14 of the radius

So the 1 square line is about =1.13mm

How many watts can one or 1 square wires load?

An electrician commonly used "formula": as long as the copper wire, cross-sectional area per square millimeter can be safely through the rated current of 4--5A; 220V in single-phase circuit, power per 1KW, the current is about 4.5A; in 380V three-phase balanced circuit, power per 1KW, the current is about 2A. The above values can be very close to those calculated by physical calculation formula. Therefore, in order to avoid those "tedious" formulas, we should remember these things.

Then according to this algorithm we know: copper wire per 1 square millimeter area, if the 220V is used in single-phase circuit, it can safely carry the load current through the 1KW; if used in three-phase balanced load (such as motor) circuit, can safe current carrying load by 2.5KW.

How many watts can two and 1.5 square wires load?

If the power line is a line of copper wire is installed, the maximum allowable working current is 20A or 4400 watts; two is the concealed steel sleeve, the current is 16A, power is 3520 watts; the three is PVC concealed, the current is 14A, then the power is 3000 watts.

How many watts can three and 2.5 square wires load?

2.5 square wire Cheng by how much kilowatts of electricity, the provisions of the national standard GB4706.1-1992/1998 wire load current value, copper wire 2.5 mm 16A 25A to about 5500 watts, aluminum core wire 2.5 mm 13A ~ 20A of about 4400 watt 220VAC long time voltage does not exceed 10A the standard most time is not more than 15A is safe.

how many watts can a 2.5 mm cable take?

2.5 square BV wire, overhead wiring at 20 degrees, 220 volt power supply can be up to 4.4KW.
1 square line = 8A, 8A × 2.5 square = 20 amps, according to the formula: P = U × I, 220V × 20A = 4.4KW
Therefore, a 2.5 square BV wire can be used with a maximum of 4.4 KW.

How many watts can four and 4 square wires load?

The single-phase power supply 1KW is about 4.5A, and 8KW is about 36A. 4 square wire (single plastic wire) carrying capacity is about 30A, some small, 6 square line (single run power). You must change the table and the gate. Do not use such a large power bar, the smallest 4KW, also can. 4 square wire Cheng by how much kilowatts of power that depends on your home 220V power or factory 380V if 4 square wire 220 can load 6 to 8 kw.

How many watts can five and 6 square wires load?

The 6 square wire cannot be directly connected with how many kilowatts of the power line and the power of the transmission. In general, 6 square traverse is more than enough for air conditioning. The power supply on the construction site usually uses 10x6+1x4 cable. As for the current strength to bear, this cable is generally controlled by the 63A air switch, according to my experience in construction. The 6 square aluminum wire can load 6 kW 6 square copper wire to load 10 kW.

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