• EV Charging Cable

EV Charging Cable

  • Conductor:

    Pure Copper

  • Insulation:


  • Screen:

    AL Foil+Tinned Copper/Pure copper

  • Filling:

    PP or cotton yarn

  • Tape:

    Non-woven fabric

  • Jacket:


 The main standards for electric vehicle charging cables are: IEC62893, EN50620 (IEC62893-3 is equivalent to EN50620), UL2263, JCS4522, PSE, GB/T 33594, CQC1103-1105, DEKRA K175, TUV 2PFG 1908

EC standard  IEC 62893-1/2/3:2017 
European standard EN 50620:2017(less than 35mm2)
Chinese standard GB/T 33594-2017
US/Canadian Standard UL2263
Japanese standard JCS 4522、PSE
 The products are flexible with a bending radius less than 5D, surviving from high and low temperature, providing oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, abrasion resistance, crack resistance, UV resistance, good flame retardancy, good electrical conductivity, and insignificant conductor temperature rise. All materials comply with RoHS2.0 environmental protection standards.



Construction Features
1.Conductor Rated temperature :-40℃~90℃
  Material: Bare Copper Rated Voltage : AC 300/500V、 450/750V;DC 1000V
2.Insulation Flame Test :VW-1 Test method Comply with UL 2556
  Material: TPE Min: Bending Radius: ≥6*OD
  Color: Brown,Blue,Yellow/Green Dielectric Voltage: 2.5kVac/15min. No Breakdown
3.Filler Low temperature impact  :-40℃, No cracks
  Material: PP Cord Hot Shock:150℃/1h No cracks
4.Tape Oil Resistance :IRM902,IRM903,Gasoline  20h OD Variation≤15% No Cracks
  Material:Non-woven fabrics Crush resistance:Sq≤4, crush force≥4KN ; 4≤Sq≤35, crush force≥11KN;
5.Sheath Resistance to Acid and alkali:168h, Tensile Strength Variation ≤30%; Elongation≥100%
  Material: TPE Environmental Requirements:Compliant with RoHS and REACH 
  Color: Black (customizable)  

Product number specification (The signal line is designed according to the needs of use) Conductor twisted outer diameter Conductor resistance Reference allowable current Unshielded Cable packaging
Complete outer diameter
H05BZ-F 3×1.5mm2+(0~2)×(0.5~0.75)mm2 1.6 13.3 14A 8.6~9.6 800m/700#
3×2.5mm2+(0~2)×(0.5~0.75)mm2 2.1 7.98 25A 9.8~10.8 800m/700#
H07BZ-F 3×1.5mm2+(0~2)×(0.5~0.75)mm2 1.6 13.3 14A 8.8~9.6 800m/700#
3×2.5mm2+(0~2)×(0.5~0.75)mm2 2.1 7.98 25A 10~10.8 800m/700#
3×4.0mm2+(0~2)×(0.5~0.75)mm2 2.8 4.95 35A 11.5 500m/700#
3×6.0mm2+(0~2)×(0.5~0.75)mm2 3.5 3.3 44A 13.2 400m/800#
3×10.0mm2+(0~2)×(0.5~0.75)mm2 4.5 1.91 62A 16.3 500m/950#
3×16mm2+(0~2)×(0.5~0.75)mm2 5.7 1.21 82A 19 500m/700#
5×2.5mm2+(0~2)×(0.5~0.75)mm2 2.1 7.98 20A 13.5 500m/950#
5×4.0mm2+(0~2)×(0.5~0.75)mm2 2.8 4.95 30A 15 400m/950#
5×6.0mm2+(0~2)×(0.5~0.75)mm2 3.5 3.3 38A 16.8 300m/950#
5×10.0mm2+(0~2)×(0.5~0.75)mm2 4.5 1.91 54A 20 300m/1200#
5×16mm2+(0~2)×(0.5~0.75)mm2 5.7 1.21 71A 23.5 800m/700#
5×25mm2+(0~2)×(0.5~0.75)mm2 7.2 0.78 94A 29 800m/700#
5×35mm2+(0~2)×(0.5~0.75)mm2 8.4 0.554 117A 32.8 500m/700#


Specification Conductor










I EC 126
2×10+10+P(2×0.75)+4×0.5 4.5 1.91 40A 15.5 3
2×16+16+P(2×0.75)+4×0.5 5.7 1.21 63A 18 3
2×25+16+P(2×0.75)+4×0.5 7.1 0.78 100A 24.5 3
2×35+16+P(2×0.75)+4×0.5 8.4 0.554 125A 25.8 3
2×50+25+P(2×0.75)+4×0.5 10.2 0.386 150A/200A 30.2  
2×70+35+P(2×0.75)+4×0.5 12 0.272 200A/250A 34.7  
Soecifications: 2-core power cable 4mm to 95mm. 1-core PE cable 4mm to 50mm. 2-core auxliary power cable 2.5 mm to 6.0mm (optional) 0-12 core signal cable 0.5mm to 1.mm can be added, the signal cable can be shielded or the maincable can be shielded. Specific product parameters shall be subject to the technical drawings..


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