Specifications and types of Cable and Wires

Oct 17,2016
 Cable is usually composed of several conducted lines or several groups, between which there are the insulation material and be got into a clinch. Meanwhile, over the whole item is the high quality insulation to be the protected cover. The cable is usually adopted in the high or amounted in the earth or water to transmit the telecommunications or electricity. In 1832, Baron Schilling, a Russian army officer, invested the cable that he bore the telecommunication cable in the earth, which put six conducted lines into a glass bar, the first underground cable.

When we choose the cable, we should notice the specifications and types of the cable. Now let us enter into the world of the cable to uncover its truth. First, function, laying condition and safety is the most important for us. So considering the function, armored power cable as well as overhead power cable and screened control cable could be the best item to be chosen. Considering the laying condition, Pvc Insulation Wire with PVC insulation wire as well as Pvc Insulated Power Cable and Pvc Copper Cable and so on could be met the requirements. Moreover, as for the safety, stranded cable is the NO. 1 in this field.

Related to the specifications and types of the cable, we must confirm the diameter of the cable so we should consider electricity heat, voltage loss, economic current density, and mechanical strength to be the selection criteria generally. Based on the experience, because of the load current large low-voltage power lines are put to consider the section to meet the heat requirements, after which we could check the voltage loss and mechanical strength. Because low-voltage lighting line can be used in the condition of higher required voltage level, the allowable voltage loss condition can make select section first, and then check heat conditions and mechanical strength; High-voltage lines, according to the economic current density to select section, and then check their condition and allow the voltage loss fever, however, aerial cable should be considered the mechanical strength as well. If the user does not have experience, you should consult the relevant specialized units or persons.

With the increasing development of the science and technology, more and more kinds of specifications and types of cable and wire are adopted in the electricity and telecommunications, which bring the more and more convenience to our daily life and industry to improve the quality of the modern life.( Power Cable Manufacturers)