What is armored cable

Jan 10,2018
 What is armored cable

Armored cable definition

Armored cables are made of different material conductors in a metal sleeve with an insulating material and are machined into a bendable solid assembly. Armored cable includes armored thermocouple, armored thermal resistance, armored heater and armored lead, mainly used for temperature measurement, signal transmission and special heating in the chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, power generation and scientific experiment, etc. The armored thermocouple.

Use of armored cable

Armored Cables Mechanical protective layers can be added to any structural cable to increase the mechanical strength of the cable for increased corrosion protection. It is designed for areas subject to mechanical damage and susceptibility to corrosion. Can be laid in any way, more suitable for direct burial in the rock area.

Said that the more popular armored cable is buried power cable, power cable transmission power cable with the purpose of armor layer addition to enhancing the tensile strength, compressive strength and other mechanical protection to extend the service life armored have a certain resistance External performance, but also to prevent rat bite, will not cause power transmission problems through the armor, armor bending radius should be large, armored layer can be grounded, to protect the cable.

Armored cable wiring basic requirements

basic requirements:

① high compressive strength

② medium loss is small

③ conductor connection is good

④ mechanical strength

⑤ sealed and reliable, can be submerged in water

⑥ small size

⑦ simple structure, easy to process

Armored cable cost calculation

Cable price = cost of manufacturing materials + fixed costs + taxes + operating expenses + profit

Material Cost of Manufacturing = Material Cost * (1 + Material Consumption) (The material cost is the theoretical value)

The fixed costs vary according to the circumstances of each company and generally include production wages, management wages, utilities, repairs, depreciation charges, rent charges, transportation costs.

The above is a detailed description of armored cable, I hope everyone will be helpful.