Wire and cable manufacturing process

Dec 28,2017
 Wire and cable manufacturing process

Wire and cable manufacturing involves a wide range of processes, from non-ferrous metal smelting and pressure processing, to plastics, rubber, paint and other chemical technology; fiber materials around the package, weaving and other textile technology, metal materials to the package and the metal strip Longitudinal package, welding metal forming process. Equipment involved, such as extrusion machine series, drawing machine series, stranding machine series, around the charter series.

Wire and cable manufacturing processes involved in the category

The main wire and cable technology

Wire and cable are through drawing, stranding, coating three kinds of technology to complete the production, the more complex models, the higher repeatability.


In metal pressure machining, the technique of forcing metal through a die (pinch) under external forces, compressing the metal cross-sectional area and obtaining the desired cross-sectional shape and size is called metal drawing. Drawing process: into single-wire drawing and stranding drawing.


In order to improve the softness of wire and cable, the overall degree, so that more than 2 single lines, according to the specified direction intertwined known as strands.

Winding process points: conductor stranded, into a cable, braid, wire armor and wound.

3 coated

According to the different performance requirements of wire and cable, the use of special equipment outside the conductor coated with different materials. Coating process points:

A. extrusion package: rubber, plastic, lead, aluminum and other materials.

B. longitudinal package: eraser, wrinkled aluminum strip material.

C. Around the package: Ribbon tape, mica tape, E-glass fiber tape, non-woven fabrics, plastic belts, etc., linear cotton yarn, silk and other fiber materials.

D. dip coating: insulating paint, asphalt and so on.

Wire and cable use matters needing attention

Some important departments, high-rise buildings, computing centers, chemical industry, public places of entertainment and personnel concentration and other occasions, have to use fire-retardant or fire-resistant cable functions; the Ministry of Coal provides deep-well in coal mines used in the cable must be flame retardant; There are such as elevator cables, welding machine cables, motor leads, etc., have special performance requirements.

These special wire and cable with special requirements in actual use, some enterprises, especially individual enterprises often do not recognize them enough, refusing to use; some companies ignore the provisions of the Ministry of Coal used in deep mine cables must have the requirements of flame retardancy, But to buy general-purpose rubber sheathed cables; there are some karaoke OK hall, personnel focus on occasions to install some do not have the general function of fire-fighting wire and cable, causing great accident risk.