beginning of spring

Feb 04,2018
   beginning of spring
The beginning of spring is the first solar term in the 24 solar terms and the official solar calendar in the Ming and Qing dynasties is classified as a solar-lunar solar term. The arrival time is between February 3-5 and February 31 (the first day of the first lunar month) Time.
Spring is one of the Han nationality important traditional festivals. "Establishment" is the meaning of "beginning". Since the Qin Dynasty, China has been beginning with spring as the beginning of spring. Rising spring is divided from the astronomy, the spring is warm, birds with flowers; spring is growth, hard sowing. Spring Festival from the day before the set until the beginning of the summer period, is known as spring.
The so-called "plan of a year lies in spring". Since ancient times, beginning of spring is a major festival called Spring Festival (after the Republic of China was renamed). China attaches great importance to the private sector since its official opening. The spring has a history of more than 3,000 years. At the beginning of spring, when the emperor led a three-man Kyushu rate, the princely princes went to the eastern suburbs for spring and pray for good harvest. After returning, reward the ministers, Bu De order Shi Hui Zhaomin. This kind of activity affects ordinary people and makes them spring activities for all the people who will be succeeding generations after generation.
What are the traditional practices in spring
1. ancestors
In many areas, we should sacrifice ancestors in the beginning of spring. In the beginning of spring to serve ancestors of the food is also more special.
2. wearing spring chicken
Dai Chun chicken is the ancient customs of Shaanxi Tongchuan people. In the spring of each year, the mother creates a cock about 3 cm long with cloth and sews it on the top of a child's hat, expressing wishes for "spring (chicken) Of the body, that doing so, you can make children avoid measles. The former is called "baby rash," while the latter is called "rash."
3 bite spring
Spring also have their own food, mainly spring cakes, radishes, Wu Xin Pan, etc., is popular in the south to eat spring rolls, the market has a lot of hawkers selling spring rolls. Here are two points worth noting: First, in the past, that bite spring is to eat a radish, in fact, including eating spring cakes; second is the so-called spring is the meaning of Spring Festival. Why eat radish? The more common argument is that spring can be solved. In fact, the bite of spring is not limited to this, in addition, to relieve the trouble, the main ventilation, people keep young and old. Five acacia plate is composed of five kinds of spicy food, with onions, garlic, pepper, ginger, mustard and other reconcile made as dining condiments. After the beginning of spring, people in the spring of the day, like to travel outside the spring, commonly known as the city to explore spring, riding spring, which is the main form of spring travel.
Spring is the beginning of spring important activity, must be prepared in advance, rehearsal, commonly known as performing spring.
5. Stickers spring
Spring is coming, to the door wall posted Yichun Crafts, this custom there in the Tang Dynasty Chang'an.
6. Crown wedding
The Crown ceremony is the beginning of ceremonies, must be respectful and cautious. In ancient times, men topped the twentieth, indicating that they had adult qualifications. As for folk customs, the man arrives at the age of fifteen, at the beginning of the year, the Ching Ming, the Winter Solstice, can hold the crown ceremony, worship heaven and earth ancestral hall and the king. For the sake of convenience, has reached the age of marriage, and is about to get married, you can also hold the wedding ceremony auspicious ceremony. Therefore, it is also possible to hold a crown ceremony in the beginning of spring. The intention is to provide Sanyang Kai Tai and Vientiane update. It also places good wishes for the courageous and enterprising young men.
Plum letters
This month commonly known as plum letters. Twenty-four times a year flower letter wind, May letter earliest. Spring plum opening hours, due to climate and land relations, all over the different, roughly in full bloom after the beginning of spring. The cemetery in Nanjing, Plum Garden in Wuxi, Deng Weishan in Suzhou, Gushan in Hangzhou, super mountains, every spring, plum blossom, red British green, and so on. Called the country.
8. Spring stage drama
Various local folk held various entertainment activities, to welcome the spring, omen abundance.