Twelfth lunar month twenty-three

Feb 08,2018
Twelfth lunar month twenty-three

Twelfth lunar month twenty-three, also known as the small new year, is the traditional Chinese culture, stoves, sweeping dust, eat sugar day. In the folk song "Twenty-three, Tangguajiao" refers to the Sacramento-God of God on the twelfth or twenty-four days of the twelfth lunar month. There are so-called "three officials and four people in four homes" or " That is, the official house on the twelfth lunar month 23, the general public on the 24th, water people or temples, Taoism is held on the 25th sacrificial offering. After gradually evolved into "Twenty-three, too young" argument.

The custom of the sacrificial stove, a long time. Zao Jun, in the Xia dynasty, has become a god of traditional folk respect. God should set up the sacrificial stove, with rich food as a sacrifice. To display Ding 俎, set 笾 beans, meet the corpse and so on. Year twelfth lunar month twenty-three, twelfth lunar month twenty-four foci, to send kitchen God, to send kitchen king, is a very influential in China, widely circulated customs. To bless the whole family safe.

Custom activities


After having offered a sacrifice, they officially started to prepare for the new year. Every year from the twelfth lunar month until the eve of the eve of the lunar new year, our country folk call this time as "spring day," or "sweep the dust day." Cleaning the dust is the year-end clean-up, the North said "sweep room", the South called "dust." Sweeping away dust before the Spring Festival is a tradition we all have in our country. Every Spring Festival approaching, every household should clean the environment, cleaning all kinds of utensils, washable bedding curtains. Big rivers north and south, filled with joy and joy everywhere to engage in hygiene, clean welcome New Year atmosphere.

Cut window flower 
Cut the window after the house paste, to the home adds a lot of festive New Year. There are a variety of moving patterns of flowers, plants, figures and so on, such as Magpie Deng Mei, Peony Peony, Lion Ball, Hydrangea, Bat (blessing) holding longevity, rhinoceros Mochizuki, lotus (even) in the year with fish (Yu), Yuanyangshuizhui, bangs cicada, and immortals and so on.

Write couplets

After the twelfth lunar month twenty-three, every household must write couplets. Pay attention to the traditional folk God will paste, each must be affixed, each object must be affixed, so the Spring Festival couplets the largest number of the complete content. Ex-ante before the couplets particular stress, mostly respect and blessings of the words.

Bathing hair

The people have "rich money, shaved New Year" argument. The bathing hair activities mostly concentrated in the year before and after.

Hurry up

After twelfth lunar month twenty-three, the folk believes that the gods have the sky, no taboo. Daughter-in-law, daughter-in-law do not have to choose the days, known as chaos marriage. Ballad has "old Yan rural married busy, Yichun post funny spring.Silver sister private phrase, keep this year is bridal chamber" saying.

eat dumplings

Festival stove, folk stress, meaning "to send dumplings windward." Mountain eat cake and buckwheat noodles. Southeast of Shanxi, the popular practice of eating fried corn, Minyan there are "twenty-three, do not eat fried, big New Year - a pot down" argument.

Eat stove sugar

The old saying "Twenty-three, sticky melon, stove king to heaven."

To eat kitchen sugar, kitchen sugar is a kind of maltose, sticky, put it as a long bar of sugar called "Kanto Sugar", drawn into a flat round called "sweet melon." Winter put it outside the house because the weather is cold, sugar melon solidified inside and there are some tiny bubbles, eat crisp sweet crisp, do not have flavor. There are two kinds of sugar sesame seeds and no sesame, made of sugar melon-shaped or northern melon-shaped, the center is empty, thicker than five points, although the size is different, the transaction is still calculated by weight, large melon Weighed a catty, but as a pretext, very few people to buy.

Places taboo

Taboo around the age of little difference.

According to legend, some areas in Hubei, small bogey avoid slaughtering.

Some places in Henan taboo Daoshao, that the small pound garlic will pound the poor home.

In Taiwan, however, it is said that there will be a danger of pounding Aeolus, which may bring disaster to the coming year.