Chinese winter solstice

Dec 22,2017
Chinese winter solstice

2017 winter solstice Time: December 22 00:27:53, Lunar New Year 2017 November (large) fifth day.

Winter Solstice is a very important solar term in the Chinese lunar calendar and also a traditional festival for the Chinese nation. The winter solstice is commonly known as "winter festival", "long festival", "sub-year" and so on. As early as 2,500 years Before the Spring and Autumn Period, China had already observed the sun with Tuyu and measured the solstice in the annual Gregorian calendar from December 21 to December 23, the longest day of the year and the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere.

It is noteworthy that the winter in the northern hemisphere is slightly warmer than in summer because the Earth is near and near the winter solstice and runs slightly faster resulting in a year when the sun is directing the southern hemisphere shorter than the direct northern hemisphere for about eight days Shorter.

Most parts of northern China on this day there are eating dumplings, eating glutinous rice balls in the South customs, the saying goes: the winter solstice to eat dumplings.

Winter solstice (diet):

1, eat dumplings

Lunar New Year winter solstice every day, whether rich or poor, dumplings is the essential festival meal. The Saying goes: "October, the winter solstice, every household eat dumplings."

2, wonton noodles

In the past, Beijing used the term "winter solstice wonton summer solstice". According to legend, during the Han Dynasty, the northern Huns frequently harassed the frontier and the people were not allowed peace. Huns at that time were Hunzhu and Tun's two chiefs, very cruel. The people hated it, so with the meat bag into a corner children, take "muddy" and "Tuen" sound, called "wonton."

3, eat dog meat

The custom of eating dog meat during the winter solstice is said to have started from the Han Dynasty. According to legend, Han emperor Liu bang FanTuo boiled dog meat in the winter solstice this day, I feel particularly delicious, full of praise. Since then, the custom of eating dog meat during the winter solstice has been formed in the country. Now people eat dog meat and lamb on the day of the winter solstice in order to have a good omen in the coming year.

4, red beans glutinous rice

In the Jiangnan Water Village, there is winter solstice night family gather together to eat red bean glutinous rice customs. According to legend, Gong workers' wits are notorious for their evil behavior and died in the winter solstice. After they died, they became epidemic ghosts and continued to harm people. However, this epidemic is most afraid of red beans, so people cooked red bean rice in the winter solstice this day to expel epidemic ghost, disaster prevention, and illnesses.