Chinese New Year's Day

Dec 29,2017
 Chinese New Year's Day

How did new year's day be established in China

New year's day, known by most countries in the world, is the first day of the new year of the Gregorian calendar. Yuan, as "first", denier, "day", "new year" means "the first day". "The new year" first appeared in "Jin Shu", but its meaning has been used for over 4000 years.

In ancient times, Chinese to the first month the twelfth lunar month of October for the new year's day, the emperor for the lunar new year in January 1st, the Republic of China in 1912 to January 1st of the Gregorian calendar, the Gregorian calendar in January 1st to 1949 in People's Republic of China for the new year's day, new year's day in Chinese therefore also known as "the solar year".

It is known to many that China's current calendar is the Gregorian calendar. After the 1911 Revolution to overthrow the Qing Dynasty, in order to "line Xia, so the farming from the western, so that statistics is determined using the annals of the year as the official calendar in China, January 1st for the new year's day, the lunar new year in January at the beginning of a new year". After the founding of the Communist Party of the Communist Party, it was basically used - the official statistics of the Japanese calendar in the Japanese calendar, the lunar calendar - the dual calendar system.

Custom culture

The ancient Chinese New Year's Day is called the custom of "Spring Festival" in modern China.

The customs and customs of modern new year's day in China

The new year's day in modern China, according to the Chinese government to include it as a legal holiday, become the National People's holiday. After a day of the holiday, it will often be adjusted in the days before or after the day, usually for three days. The celebration of new year's day in modern China is much smaller than that of the Spring Festival. The general organs and enterprises hold year-end collective celebrations, but there are few folk activities.

In modern times, the celebration of new year's Day is simpler. People prefer to take the new year's holiday as a good time to relax, relax, watch TV, watch movies and travel. Below is a simple look at the three ways to celebrate the current custom of new year's day.

The celebration of the custom of new year's Day: the whole China even is known all over the world. Many countries take the new year's day as the French top holiday and take a holiday on the new year's day. After the founding of new China, new year's Day is also stipulated as a holiday for one day.

The way to celebrate New Year customs two: now more general is organized by the group activities, such as new year's Gala, hanging banners, held to celebrate New Year's day or collective activities, had organized collective drums, folk dancing, now in a TV documentary on can see, to the development of science and technology today, evolution what is the gala. In recent years, there are many programs, such as tourism, party, and other programs, but there is not much tradition on New Year's day. Even the new year's day means only three days' holiday to the younger generation. On the eve of new year's Eve, watching the cross-year party hosted by CCTV and provincial satellite TV has become the entertainment trend of these two years.

The celebration of the custom of the new year's day three: the way to celebrate the Chinese tradition is to be in the folk, especially in the countryside. Every day, every family will set off firecrackers, kill chickens and geese, the worship of gods after the parties had is one family reunion meal. The more heavy celebrations have not been seen for the time being.