Cold weather

Jan 20,2018
  Cold weather

In China, Big Chill is the last solar term in the 24 solar terms throughout the year. Gregorian calendar every year on January 20 before and after the sun reaches the Yellow Skeleton 300 °, that is, the great cold. 2018 is the cold on January 20, Saturday (Ding year (Year of the Rooster) on the fourth day of the twelfth lunar month).

After the cold weather climate changes

Cold season, the atmospheric circulation is relatively stable, circulation adjustment cycle is about 20 days. This circulation adjustment, there is often a wide range of rain and snow weather and gale cool.

Big cold season, most of southern China, the average temperature of mostly 6℃ to 8℃, higher than the Osamu nearly 1℃. "Osamu cold, cold into a single" proverb, shows that the great cold is also a cold period of the year.

What are the customs? Big chilly weather to eat what?

Big cold and the intersection of the beginning of the spring, pay attention to people in the diet also adapt to seasonal changes. Cold-blooded food gradually reduces the amount of food, add more ascending nature of the food to meet the rise of all things in the spring. Folk Festival in Foshan, Guangdong big cold pot cooking glutinous rice customs, glutinous rice sweet, warm, food has the effect of cold tonic. Anhui Anqing big fried spring approach.

Big chilly air tail tooth festival

According to Chinese customs, especially in the rural areas, every big cold season, people began to get busy except for old clothes, marinating dishes, and preparing new products. In the cold to the beginning of spring this period, there are many important customs and festivals. Such as Altaic, sacrificial and New Year's Eve, and sometimes even the biggest festival in China is also in this solar term. Cold season is full of joy and joyful atmosphere is a happy and relaxed solar term.

A toothache stems from the land to do public "tooth" custom. The so-called February 2 is the first tooth, after every two and sixteen on everyone must do "teeth" to the Lunar New Year on December 16 is exactly the last teeth.

Tail teeth with the same February February spring cake (South called the Run cake) to eat, the day the businesspeople to a banquet, white cut chicken for the feast on an indispensable dish. It is said that chicken head towards who, that the boss the next year who should be fired. Therefore, some employers generally head their heads toward themselves so that employees can enjoy the food with confidence and have a stable life after returning home.

Big chilly season set, buy New Year

Cold season, often coincides with the end of the year time, the 2009 Spring Festival is included in the big chilly season. Therefore, in such a chilly season, in addition to keeping a healthy life in the solar terms, it is also necessary to make arrangements for the Chinese New Year to catch up with the Chinese New Year - to collect the New Year's goods, to buy the New Year's cards, to prepare various sacrificial offerings, to clean the dust, Kinds of sausage, bacon, or fried chicken and duck dishes and other dishes. At the same time worship ancestors and various gods, pray for good weather in the coming year.

In addition, the shadows of the sesame-streaks are often found on the streets in the old days of the Great Colds. Because "Sesame blossoms are steadily rising", on New Year's Eve, people will sprinkle sesame straw on the road outside for walking, crunching, homophonic auspicious "step on the age", at the same time "broken", "year" homonym meaning Year-old peace ", seek a good New Year a good mouthful. This also makes Ching Hing auspicious festival means more strength.